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Sara Ann Cook, RN, BSN

Sara is a Registered Nurse and Certified Investigating Health Practitioner. She is currently working as an Oncology Nurse Case Manager at a local hospital. Alternative healing modalities have always played a part in Sara’s health. In searching for a modality which would bring her to a higher vibration and improve quality of life, Sara found Investigating Health over 6 years ago. Sara has been a Certified Practitioner for 3 years. Every year she continues her education by taking specialized classes.  Sara’s passion for healthy living, background in nursing and knowledge of Investigating Health has helped her realize her full potential to help clients. Standard Process Supplements are also used to aid clients as part of her treatment plans.

Everyone Deserves to Feel Better, EVEN YOU!


Knowledge is Power

Knowing the true nature of our bodies, as well as the toxins, pathogens and other toxic energies that we are affected by every day, helps overcome their influence on our health, our happiness , and our ability to thrive and grow on the earth. 

There are countless ways to help our bodies heal. Investigating Health is one of those ways. Learning how the body works, how it interacts with the environment and what causes the body to break down and not work efficiently allows us to make necessary changes, release toxins and dangerous pathogens. The cleanser our bodies become from the environmental stress of our day, the better we feel, the better our bodies function and we can truly meet our highest potential.


Connecting and Grounding

The earth and people are a dynamic duo. We need each other. When your bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body. These electrons could be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralize excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. The Earth is a conductor of free electrons and so are all living things on the planet, including us.  The body is composed of mostly water and minerals which in combination are excellent conductors of electrons from the Earth providing there is direct skin contact or some other conductive channel for them to flow through.


Grounding is more than walking on the earth. It is using everything that the earth has to offer us. The earth holds everything that the earth has to offer us. The earth holds everything that has ever been on the earth. The records of herbs, minerals, water, nutrients and all other properties that were created on the earth for the use of man are available to us. Grounding is a way of accessing all that yummy energy. 



The earth is the greatest recycler. It takes that which is negative, dangerous, and toxic and pulls it in, breaks it down, and makes it into something new, clean and stable.  As we detoxify our bodies with energy, the earth will receive that which does not serve us and makes what is toxic, clean again as we push our negative energy into the earth.

The Universe Doesn’t Speak English, it Speaks in Frequency.

The universal language of our brain, our earth and everything on it, even our universe, is frequency.  Frequency is pure knowledge. It is a record of how things really are, in their most basic and true form. Frequency changes and shifts, with shifting conditions,  frequencies can be layered and complex and yet identified layer by layer, allowing us to hear and feel the discordant notes in a song, or the tangled chime in a balanced wind chime. The frequencies within our hearing range are easy to identify, but those frequencies represent a tiny fraction of all of the frequencies around us  Thankfully, our ears are not the only sense that our bodies use to identify frequencies all around us. 

All matter is vibrating

Vibration = Frequency


Your brain is a super conductor for frequency. It picks up, identifies, and sorts out important frequencies, dampening or shutting down some and letting others influence us. Even though you don’t hear all the sounds, your body is still influenced by it. Many times we “feel” something we can’t see or hear. This is because our bodies are tuning in to lots of sources of information.


The Data Center

Only 5-10 % of what you do is conscious. 90-95% of your life, functions, decisions, actions and movements are unconscious. 


The Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind is the rationale and reasoning part of our brain. It is our intellectual thinking, and where we analyze the information that comes in through our senses. Our willpower comes from the conscious mind. It is easily overridden when emotions are high. We try to control most of our behaviors and beliefs with willpower. 

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. It is where feelings and emotions live. It easily overrides the conscious will when emotions are high. The Subconscious is where permanent memories are. Every experience since conception is stored here. It is like the “hard drive” of your mind. Behaviors and habits reside here. However, this part of our mind is “programmed”, is how you behave. Frequency records are stored here.


The Unconscious Mind

Whether it is a grimace or a smile, a word, a physical movement or reflexes, the body uses the muscles to express the output of information. This makes it easy for us to measure or access the information stored in the subconscious or unconscious mind with muscle testing. This is much like learning a new language.


There are several ways to access this information that is beyond our conscious thought. The easiest and most convenient is muscle testing. Our muscles have a lock and release system that facilitates the access to this subconscious information. A Positive energy or an affirmative reaction results in a locked or unlocked muscle, while a negative energy or non-affirmative information will produce a weak muscle non-changing muscle reaction in a specified muscle. Regardless of attention, your muscles react to every energy that we interact with.