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"Jana is insanely talented, attentive and experienced in the field of massage therapy. She has helped me tremendously with both relaxation and getting rid of chronic neck pain that I've been experiencing for years. Her prices are also some of the most affordable that I've seen, highly recommend!"


Colorado Springs, CO


"When I was pregnant with my second baby, I had HORRIBLE hip and pelvic pain. Jana was the only massage therapist I trusted to really help with my pain during pregnancy. She was careful, safe, and really knew what she was doing. Seeing her throughout my pregnancy was absolutely the best thing I did for my body and my sanity. Thank you Jana! If you're pregnant...go see her! She really knows her stuff."


Colorado Springs. CO

"I love my visits to Jana! Her office is calming and quiet. She listens to your needs intently and compassionately. I am always comfortable and feel confident I will always walk out with the results I needed for that session. Seeing Jana has reduced my physical pain and increased my flexibility/mobility. She knows her clients and always customizes her therapy to your needs. Whether you need relief from physical pain or just want to relax. I recommend Jana as part of your self-care plan."


Colorado Springs, CO

"Jana is incredible! Her place is comfortable, she is friendly, intelligent, and welcoming, and she provides incredible massage therapy. I'm so blessed to have found her!"


Colorado Springs, CO

"Jana is an amazing therapist! As a mutual therapist I am picky about who I allow to be my body worker. She is intuitive and responsive to your requests and your body's needs! I have never had any one work on me that could balance just the right amount of pressure and get the work done that needed to be done. Thank you for the best massage of my life! I will be back!"


Colorado Springs, CO

"Jana is amazing! Helped me regain my full range of motion. Can not wait for my next appointment."


Colorado Springs, CO

"For the last 3 years I've struggled with chronic pain of migraines, ulcerative colitis and have gone through 9 surgeries in that small time. I recently found Jana and have been going to see her for a massage weekly. With each visit to see Jana my pain reduction lasts a little bit longer. She recently did work on my stomach which I usually have a pain level of 8 or even 9, and after the massage session was down to a 2! I've been able to manage my symptoms so much better since she has started working on me!! If you have chronic pain and need help managing it I urge you to set up an appointment with Jana! It's the best money I've spent for relief!"


Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I hurt my back working at a vet hospital in November 2004.  Since that time I have gone to several physical therapists, pain management doctors and my neurologist every 2 to 3 months.  They have tried masking the pain with all types of pain meds including fentanyl, which is last resort for chronic pain.  The nerve damage in my legs had made my legs so weak that most days I had to walk with a cane.  I could not work in an office any longer, as I cannot sit in a chair for any length of time.  I have missed out on fun family times with my daughters and grandchildren over the years due to back and leg pain.

THEN – a friend told me about, and then also made an appointment for me with Jana Laird.  She is THE GREATEST medical massage therapist.  Jana, in a few short months, has brought me from weak painful legs and back to many days of NO PAIN at all.  Jana has a vast knowledge of your body and muscles.  Her goal is to make you BETTER not to make you dependent upon seeing her forever.  All the doctors I have seen only want to mask the problem and make sure I have to continue seeing them for the rest of my life.


I VERY HIGHLY recommend anyone with pain to please go see Jana Laird.  She has made a huge difference in my life and I am certain she can make a difference for anyone.  I had been in pain for over TEN YEARS – in a few short months my life is completely different – thanks all to Jana Laird."


Williamsburg, Virginia


"As you know, my lower back pain was becoming an issue in my golf life!!! And then you and I discussed "how" I might do some stretches just prior to a round of golf and how that might prevent any pain. I am pleased to announce (haha) that over the last 3 weeks this plan has worked and having just returned from 3 consecutive rounds of golf, on 3 consecutive days, in the hills of West Virginia… I am pain free! This is the acid test and I can not thank you enough... YOU are the best, many, many thanks!"


Williamsburg, Virginia


"When I first went to see Jana, I was desperate. I had been dealing with severe headaches for two years, and they were getting worse. Five out of seven days I had a headache that made me nauseous, light-sensitive, and made it difficult to play with my 18 month old. Advil would lessen the headache but not get rid of it. I had even gotten a prescription for Fioricet, but that didn't do any more than the Advil had done. I didn't know what to do, but I remembered some physical therapy I'd had for an unrelated shoulder injury. The massage that went with the therapy had once vanquished a bad headache, and as a desperate last attempt I scheduled a massage.

I tried 30 minutes of massage on my neck and shoulders, at first once a week, then every other week. The relief I felt from the constant tension and pain I'd had in my neck and shoulders was immediate. Within the first month, what had been three day headaches quickly became one day headaches. The headaches that wouldn't respond to Fioricet started to go away with a couple Tylenol. What had been five days a week of misery quickly dropped to three, to two, and during the last two weeks I've only had ONE headache.

I have so much more energy now, and am able to enjoy my daughter so much more. I'm able to be more productive at work now that I'm not squinting at the computer screen through the pain. It only took two months of treatment - five 30 minute sessions - to make me nearly pain-free. Massage by Jana has literally changed my life."


Chesapeake, Virginia


"Jana Laird is a remarkably talented certified massage therapist who has helped me tremendously with various aches/pains and injuries I’ve experienced as a result of daily life and activities as well as vehicle/other accidents. I am a 15-year breast cancer survivor and Jana has even helped me with conditions that occurred as a result of cancer treatment. I began seeing chiropractors and massage therapists more than 30 years ago at an early age as a result of exercise injury. Yet thanks to Jana and her expertise I can honestly say I feel better now. I highly recommend Jana to anyone needing care for similar situations."


Williamsburg, Virginia


"Jana treated me with structural integration. Her technique reset my body's posture, greatly reducing my pain. The stretches she taught me continue to be an invaluable tool for self-maintenance. The process also taught me about my body, pinpointing the parts critical to alleviating pain. I'm so lucky to have found Jana! I don't even want to think about how poorly I'd be doing without her."


Williamsburg, Virginia


"No One Has to Live with Pain! Jana has treated me for chronic pain in different areas of my body. Most recently was severe tendonitis. After just three treatments my pain is completely gone. Her technique works. Don't know what I would do without her."


Williamsburg, Virginia


"Six months ago I injured my toe. After surgery and months of healing I was still unable to walk normally. After three sessions with Jana, she restored the movement and flexible of my toe which allowed me to walk completely heal to toe without pain. What a joy it is to walk without limping. When my doctor was not sure what to do next, Jana was confident she could reduce the swelling and pain. Thanks Jana for all you have done and your great hands. Everyone can benefit from any of your services and techniques for total body health and wholeness."


Williamsburg, Virginia


"I am very grateful that I found Jana. I have severe scoliosis. Jana keeps me functioning. She listens to my issues, works out my pain, increases my flexibility, and teaches me stretches to keep me going."


Williamsburg, Virginia